Need Real Estate Advice On Making Repairs Or Renovations Post-Irma? Please Give Me A Call

These past few weeks have been a wild ride. As a Coconut Grove native, I have weathered many hurricanes in my life. It’s never easy to step out after the storm passes and see the destruction that is left behind. Lucky for us, Hurricane Irma didn’t cause major property damage here in the Grove. Although I am sad to see the thinning of our canopy, I know from years past that it will grow back even fuller and more beautiful than before.

On a real estate note, I have received several calls over the past week from friends, clients and neighbors wanting advice on repairs and renovations post-hurricane. Many people are curious whether certain upgrades or changes to their homes will make financial sense given the market value of their home. For example, if you add a full house generator will you see the return on your investment if you decide to sell? Or what about installing impact windows vs. hurricane shutters? Maybe you are considering selling your single family home and moving to a condo or townhouse that is easier to “lock up and go”?

If you have having these same thoughts and aren’t sure which direction to take, please feel free to give me a call. I would be happy to stop by and give you my opinion. I can be reached on my cell anytime at 305-342-1623 or you can email me at

As the top producing realtor in Coconut Grove for over 8 years, I am proud and honored to be a resource to my community.