The Moorings In Coconut Grove, Inspired By The City Beautiful Movement

The Moorings, Coconut Grove Gated Community

If you have driven through Coconut Grove, you have surely noticed the grand entrance to The Moorings located on the east side of Main Highway.  It is one of Coconut Grove’s most exclusive gated communities and made up of 43 luxury residences.

History Of The Moorings

In the early 1900’s the property consisted of just 2 large waterfront estates owned by Katherine & Frank Church and Jessie Moore. These owners were very active in the Coconut Grove community and were well known Groveites.  They founded the Church of Christian Science which is located on the opposite side of the street.  In the early 1920’s, they sold their waterfront land to a developer who wanted to create an elite subdivision named The Moorings (an adaptation of Jessie Moore’s name).

There was a movement across the country at this time to establish a sense of order and dignity in urban planning.  This was known as the City Beautiful Movement ( Coral Gables which is also known as The City Beautiful – was developed entirely upon the aesthetics of this philosophy).  The 1920 Bright Plan was Coconut Grove’s attempt to implement these ideas.  The plan called for wide boulevards, grand civic spaces and fountains all done in Mediterranean style architecture. The Moorings was the only subdivision in Coconut Grove that adopted the Bright Plan.  This included a 100′ wide boulevard with a landscaped median, an elaborate entrance fountain, curving roads and shared access to dock space for residents.  Had The Bright Plan been fully adopted by the rest of Coconut Grove, our village would closely resemble the style of Coral Gables or Palm Beach.

In 2012, the property at 3518 South Moorings Way was designated a historic site by the Historic and Environmental Preservation Board.  This home was once owned by Glanville Fisher, a well known artist who had a significant impact on the development of Miami.  It was classified historic because of its association with the Fisher Family as well as the fact that it is a classic representation of the Mediterranean Revival style of architecture.

Real Estate Activity In The Moorings

So far in 2014 there has been a flurry of real estate activity; see details of the recent closed sales below:

  • 3437 North Moorings Way | Sale Price: $2,275,000 | Listed by: The Riley Smith Group
  • 3485 North Moorings Way | Sale Price: $2,750,000 | Listed by: Marcelo Fernandez
  • 3443 North Moorings Way | Sale Price: $1,750,000 | Listed by: Carol Pawley

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