New Construction Homes In Coconut Grove

It is incredible how much new construction activity is going on in the Grove right now.   Yesterday I met with two different clients who are building new construction homes here.   Even though the price of land has risen significantly, investors are still seeing a hefty return on their investment when they build from the ground up.   All in all, I would say that there are more than 25 new construction homes slated for the Grove in the coming year.

Not all of the projects going up are spec homes.  Max Strang Architecture recently posted this picture of one of their new waterfront projects in the Grove.  Strang has designed several private residences in Coconut Grove which should be completed within the next year.    Their style is environmental modernism, which is a striking contrast to many of the homes you will find in Coconut Grove today.

Max Strang Designed Home

The great thing about our community is that despite the newer construction projects going up, we still have a very eclectic mixture of homes.  You will find charming cottages, bungalows, villas as well as newer construction homes which have been completed in a variety of styles including Mediterranean, Contemporary, Island and Colonial.  We are the furthest thing from a planned community or typical suburb.  I believe that we have the perfect balance of old and new.

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