Featured On The Huffington Post! The Treehouse In Camp Biscayne

One of our listings is getting great exposure this morning on The Huffington Post.  It is one of the most unique properties on the market in Coconut Grove so I am not surprised that it grabbed their attention.

Check out an excerpt from their write-up on the house below:

“If “Camp Biscayne” sounds like the “Troop Beverly Hills” version of roughing it in Miami, well, that’s not far off. The former 1920s winter resort, established on a waterfront slice of Coconut Grove, was an alluring yet rustic camp that catered to posh visitors such as Alexander Graham Bell and various Rockefellers for spartan activities like fishing and sailing.

Now, Camp Biscayne is one of Coconut Grove’s sweetest secrets….

After viewing hundreds of Miami McMansions and overstuffed luxury homes, we think it’s pretty special.”

Camp Biscayne Huffington Post

Learn more about the gated community of Camp Biscayne, here.

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