Low Supply In Coconut Grove’s Gated Communities

Many people like the privacy and security that a gated community has to offer and we are working with a client right now who is looking strictly for a single family home in one of Coconut Grove’s gated communities.  Unfortunately this segment of the market is extremely tight, particularly for the $3,000,000 and under homes.

Here is a breakdown of the single family homes for sale in Coconut Grove’s gated communities.  I would like to point out that my new listing at 2449 South Bayshore Drive in Bay View Villas for $1,228,000 is currently the least expensive single family home in a gated community currently on the market.

Hughes Cove:

  1. 3310 Devon Court | List Price: $12,900,000
  2. 3316 Devon Court | List Price: $12,000,000

The Moorings:

  1. 3467 North Moorings Way | List Price: $11,900,000
  2. 3429 North Moorings Way | List Price: $2,499,000

The Anchorage:

  1. 3501 Anchorage Way | List Price: $7,490,000

Bayshore Villas:

  1. 3528 Bayshore Villas Drive | List Price: $4,175,000

Bay View Villas:

  1. 2449 South Bayshore Drive | List Price: $1,228,000

Entrada Estates:

  1. 3579 Stewart Avenue | $3,495,000
  2. 3632 Stewart Avenue | $3,150,000
  3. 3591 Stewart Avenue | $2,249,000

Four Way Lodge Estates (Gated Section Of Poinciana Avenue):

  1. 3430 Poinciana Avenue | $2,425,000
  2. 3403 Poinciana Avenue | $1,899,000

Ye Little Wood: No Homes For Sale (3810 Wood Avenue is under contract)

Treasure Trove: No Homes For Sale

De Garmo Estates: No Homes For Sale

Longview: No Homes For Sale

Camp Biscayne: No Homes For Sale

I am a Coconut Grove real estate specialist.  Over the past 3 years, I have earned the distinction of selling the most number of homes in Coconut Grove. If you would like to schedule a buyer or seller meeting with me, please feel free to call me directly at 305-342-1623 or send me a note here.


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