The Townhouse Market In Coconut Grove

The townhouse market has had its ups and downs over the past few years.  There are currently 82 for sale ranging in price from $699,000 to $80,000.  There are some great townhouses in the mid $500,000’s right now.  While its true that you can buy a single family home for that same price, these townhouses are newer construction which means updated kitchen and baths and most have garages and pools.  It is hard to find a single family home in the $500,000’s with those features.

Here are some to check out if you are in this market:

3144 Gifford Lane | 3 BR/2.5 BA | $589,000 | 2,500 Sq. Ft. | Listed by Florida International



2637 Tigertail Ave. | 3 BR/2.5 BA | 2,637 Sq. Ft. | Listed by Coldwell Banker **This townhouse is new on the market and has a great layout.



3137 McDonald St. | 3 BR/2.5 BA | 2,162 Sq. Ft. | $515,000 | Listed by Coldwell Banker



Looking in the West Grove? There are new construction townhouses for sale on Ohio Street that are priced in the $550,000’s that are nice, but in my opinion overpriced.  On the flip side, there are some great deals at 3103 Hibiscus St. and 3101 Hibiscus St. (3 bedrooms) which are priced in the $300,000’s.

If you are looking at the older generation townhouses take a look at this one in French Village: 3021 Virginia Street | 3 BR/2 BA | 1,160 Sq. Ft. | $349,000 | Listed by Keller Williams.



Sold Townhouses In 2010? There have been approximately 30 townhouses to sell in Coconut Grove this year.  Sale prices range between $160,000 to $560,000.   The average price per square foot of these properties is $198.00 which means that compared to single family homes you are getting more for your money (however you aren’t getting any land).

These figures do not include luxury townhouses/villas such as those located in L’Hermitage and The Cloisters.

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