Why I Can’t Stop Watching HGTV

Watching TV

Now that football season is winding down and my wife has a little more control over the remote I end up watching episode after episode of real estate shows on HGTV.   But after talking real estate non stop day after day I don’t even mind.  In fact, I have a slight addiction to it. 

Some of my favorites? House Hunters International, Property Virgins and Curb Appeal.   I get a real kick out of people’s obsession over stainless steel appliances on Property Virgins.  They top everyone’s wish list even more so than square footage or location.  If it has a stainless steel refrigerator then the people are ready to put an offer in on the same day.  

Or I like to sit back and watch some of the really dull realtors show house after house and I just hope that I have more personality than that.  “And here you have the kitchen”, “And over here is the pool”, “And over here is the pantry”.  Dull and Duller…but I keep watching.

Even better than the stainless steel appliances and the dull realtors are the people who are looking at the house and don’t like it because their furniture won’t fit.  “I can’t buy this house because my couch won’t fit in the family room” they say.  They are paying $300,000 for a house and the deciding factor is whether or not their $500 couch fits in the family room.  Good stuff.