For Sale Signs


I was driving in the North Grove and noticed this cluster of signs on the corner of Darwin Street and Tigertail Avenue.  Some condo associations won’t let Realtors put their signs up on the exterior of their buildings because (a) it looks tacky to have a bunch of signs out there and (b) it detracts from the value of the building if it appears that everyone is selling.   But as you can see, other condo associations don’t have such rules.  Awhile back I had a listing on Bird Avenue and there were 5 or 6 “For Sale” signs in front of the building.  Much like this.  All of the listing agents got together and decided that it would be to all of our benefit to remove our signs.  After all, who wants to buy in a building where it appears that everything is for sale?

There are different sizes when it comes to “For Sale” signs.  Coral Gables laws require them to be no larger than 5″ by 7″, whereas the City of Miami-Dade allows them to be 18″ by 24″.  I leave it up to my clients to decide what they want to do with the sign.  They can choose to put up a large one, small one, or have nothing at all.  I have several sellers who don’t want any signs in front of their house because they don’t want their neighbors asking questions about why, when and where they are moving.  

Do buyers come from the signs? In my opinion, there are more and more people out there who want to work directly with the listing agent of a property and are therefore calling the agent directly.