Reasons To Get An Appraisal Before Listing Your House

Many people ask whether or not they should get an appraisal before listing their house to sell.  Here are 3 good reasons why it can be a good idea:

  1. You are skeptical of Realtors, and want to know an unbiased opinion of what your house is worth.
  2. You will have an accurate square footage of your home which may not be reflected on the tax records.
  3. You will not spend time worrying about whether or not your house will “appraise” by the buyer’s bank because you will already have a rough idea of what number they will come up with.

Keep in mind, sometimes an appraiser is not completely familiar with the area which may result in an inaccurate figure.  

I have also noticed that lately appraisals have been coming in slightly lower than what properties are selling for.