Your Chances of Selling A Townhouse in Center Grove in 2008 = 33%

Here are some interesting numbers regarding the Center Coconut Grove Townhouse Market in 2008.  There are roughly 145 townhomes for sale in Center Coconut Grove, and approximately 48 sold in 2008.  As would be expected, the majority of sales have occurred under $500,000.  The median “Price Per Square Foot” of homes sold in the Center Grove is $258.00.  Sellers are getting anywhere between 91% and 95% of their FINAL asking price.  If you were to look at the same number based on INITIAL asking prices, I’m sure the percentage would be much lower.  As I scrolled through the list of closed sales, it was not uncommon to see sellers initially asking in the $700,000’s and selling in the low $500,000’s.

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