What is a Broker’s Open House anyway?

Each Wednesday, real estate offices across South Florida (including mine) have a weekly sales meeting.  During the meeting, agents and brokers discuss what is going on in the local market.  After the sales meetings are complete,  realtors hop in their cars to go to the Broker’s Open Houses. 

Held only on Wednesdays, and only for agents and broker’s, these open houses are typically held for new listings on the market.

As a local specialist, I scour the list of Broker’s Open Houses every Wednesday for homes that may be of interest to my clients.  It is a great way to preview homes for potential buyers before anybody else.  If it is a beautiful home or a really good deal, my clients are some of the first people to know about it.

I hold a Broker’s Open for every one of my listings.  On almost every one that I’ve held, I have an agent who comes in and says “this is perfect for my client!”.  Even if it doesn’t turn into a sale, it puts my client’s home on the top of the list for that agent.   The fact of the matter is, if an agent has physically SEEN a home (as opposed to just pictures online) they are more likely to match it to a potential buyer.