The Economy Can’t Be That Bad

At least not in Coconut Grove…..why you ask?

Because I am giving away a FREE $50.00 gift certificate to Greenstreet Cafe to the first person who can guess where I have placed the coconut in the picture below.  And not one person has tried to guess this week!!!

People…this is free money.  This is a free dinner for two, a nice bottle of wine, or several mojitos (go on a Tuesday and they are 2 for 1….even better!).  Are you getting it now?

It is a weekly contest, so check on every week to play, and see last week’s winners

Go to this page for rules on how to play.

Maybe this week is a little tough, I’ll give you a hint: The coconut is somewhere in downtown Coconut Grove, and it is not a residence. 

Coconut Grove Contest