Have you heard? Sony is moving to the Grove

I was contacted today by NBC6 regarding Sony’s controversial move to Coconut Grove. In case you haven’t heard, Sony BMG will be moving it’s offices from Lincoln Road to Mayfair.

Sounds great, right?

Well some people are up in arms about the fact that Sony’s lobby will be on street level, a spot that was previously zoned strictly for retail and restaurant use. In April, the City Commission rezoned the Mayfair area so that offices can go in on the bottom level. And many Grove residents are angry with that change, arguing that the Grove is known for its dining and shopping and should encourage a “Lincoln Road” type atmosphere.

Of course I agree that retail and restaurants are a far better use of the space and would add more culture and life to the area, especially around Mayfair where things seem to be pretty desolate. But it seems that restaurants have had a hard time succeeding there.

Mayfair Retail/Restaurant Spaces who have left:

  • Planet Hollywood
  • Banana Republic
  • Benetton
  • The Limited
  • Bath and Body Works
  • Oak Feed Store
  • French Connection
  • Borders
  • Wet Willies
  • Chrysanthemum

By allowing offices to come in we will have fewer empty store fronts.

Hopefully, more people mulling about the Grove, shopping in our stores and eating in our cafes. Just look at the Gables, they have so many people working around the area that you can’t even get a table for lunch.

We have quite a few restaurants opening up in the Grove that will need the extra traffic (George’s in the Grove, Cito’s Italian Chophouse, Chili’s to name a few) So I say…welcome Sony!

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