Market Update: Ultra-Luxury Properties In Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove may not have the plethora of $20,000,000+ sales that you can find on Miami Beach (Read: Prices For Miami Beach Luxury Condos Soar To Records) however we do have a healthy market for ultra-luxury homes and condos.  Today I thought I would post the 3 most expensive sales in Coconut Grove during 2012, as well as the 3 highest priced listings currently on the market.

Top 2012 Sales In Coconut Grove

#1: Sale Price: $8,200,000 | Grovenor House, Unit #3101 | 6,920 Sq. Ft. | 5 BR/7 BA | Direct Bay Views | More Photos Here

#2: Sale Price: $5,626,000 | 3575 Battersea Road | 10,982 Sq. Ft. | 39,000 Sq. Ft. Lot | Direct Bay Views | More Photos Here

#3: Sale Price: $4,700,000 | 3825 Bayside Court | 5,098 Sq. Ft. | 13,182 Sq. Ft. Lot | Direct Bay Views | More Photos Here

Top Listings In Coconut Grove

#1: List Price $22,000,000 | 3500 St. Gaudens Road | 26,981 Sq. Ft. | 213,008 Sq. Ft. Lot | Direct Bay Views | More Photos Here

#2: List Price $15,900,000 | 3560 Stewart Avenue | 10,836 Sq. Ft. | 22,215 Sq. Ft. Lot | Direct Bay Views | More Photos Here

#3: List Price $14,500,000 | Grovenor House, Unit #3201 | 9,110 Sq. Ft. | Direct Bay Views | More Photos Here

Overall, there were 7 properties sold in Coconut Grove during 2012 which traded over $3,000,000.  Of these, one was a piece of land on Rockerman Road, 2 were condos at The Grovenor House and the others were single family homes in the South Grove.

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Written by Riley Smith

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